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Our express purpose is to end the economic civil war that has raged in this country for decades, to build a Ugandan economy that is inclusive (rather than exclusive to a few people) and to share the wealth of this nation equitably.

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On July 1, 2020,  Joseph Kabuleta announced his bid for the presidency ahead of the 2021 general elections. He said the country is headed into a golden era of wealth exploration and that his government will make sure that this wealth is fully harnessed and equitably shared under his banner of financial liberation. Together we can get there.

Vision & Underlying Issues

Uganda is a country of great economic potential with incredible wealth in various sectors, especially Agriculture and Tourism. But it is also blessed with vast wealth in form of extractives buried under our soils. But because of bad leadership over the past decades, that wealth has neither been fully harnessed nor equitably distributed. Uganda’s current Gross Domestic Product, GDP par Capita and, especially the harrowing poverty among the citizenry, are a stark contradiction to the resources that are resident in our country. That’s because there is a leadership that believes that poor people are easy to control, and therefore chooses to keep them that way.

But we are determined to ROCK (Reclaim Our Country & Kin) and release Ugandans from the prison of poverty and hopelessness by rekindling the faith and the creative spark of our youthful population. Together we can transform Uganda and make it a nation of our dreams. It is possible.

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About Joseph Kabuleta

A presidential candidate for the 2021 Uganda Presidential elections and flag bearer for the Reclaim Our Country and Kin (ROCK) Revolution.

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Joseph Kabuleta: is he a force or farce?

Joseph Kabuleta: is he a force or farce?

The life of outspoken Joseph Kabuleta keeps evolving and not without controversy; from a critical journalist to suave church minister and now a politician who has a conviction he will be Uganda’s next leader.

As farfetched as this may seem given the timing, limited experience and contribution to political struggles, Kabuleta insists he is not deluded, writes Ernest Jjingo.

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